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I'm Yours Tonight

Gabriel Saporta sauntered into the arcade, narrowly missing a chair. Victoria Asher laughed at him,
 "God, Gabe, way to ruin an entrance!" She teased, voice clear but low. Gabe just rolled his eyes at her and stuck out his tongue,
      "As if you would have done any better. Go find Ryland or something". Ryland and Victoria had a thing for each other, although neither would admit it yet.

"Pew! Pew! Pew! DIE!" A young man at the far side of the arcade exclaimed. He caught Gabe's attention. He looks young, Gabe thought, at least a few years younger than me. Although I'd say he's legal. Gabe decided to try talk to the man. He strolled over, more gracefully this time, looked over at Victoria and pointed at the door. Victoria narrowed her eyes, 
      "You're cruel Gabe", she stood there. Hands on her hips. Gabe just shook his head and waved a hand,
          "So are you Vicky T, so are you", he teased. After that remark Vicky T rolled her eyes and left.

Gabe leaned an arm on the machine that the man was playing. He watched with amusement as the younger man continued playing his game, oblivious to Gabe's presence. Gabe decided to try and get the man's attention. He coughed quietly. Still no response. Gabe gulped, he realised that for some reason his palms were sweating and his heart was racing so fast that it could easily win the grand prix. 
   "Hahaha I WON! BEAT THAT SUCKERS!" The man cheered in delight and got off the seat where he started to jump up and down.

"You seem pretty chuffed you won", Gabe giggled softly, trying to ignore how nervous he was. In his mind Gabriel Saporta didn't get nervous. 
  "Yeah man, I've been here all day trying to beat this damn game", The man sighed, eyebrows furrowed. His accent could be traced to Illinois although Gabe couldn't tell what part. Gabe offered his hand to the other man and when they shook hands he smiled. He thought he had noticed the younger man blush a little bit but then just as quick as he had noticed it was gone.

"I'm Gabe", Gabriel introduced, "Gabriel Saporta really but I prefer Gabe", His voice accented by a Spanish sounding accent. 
 "Bill. Bilvy. William B-Beckett in full", William stuttered. Gabe's heart fluttered, 
  "I've always liked the name William", Gabe nodded. "Where you from kid?"
  "C-Chicago, Illinois. You?" William asked.
  "Uruguay", Gabe smiled, thinking about his home country. "What brings you to town, William?" He rolled the name on his tongue, he liked the sound of it. 
 "Um well, actually I'm playing a few shows with some friends.. We started a b-band in high school and we've been trying to make it bigger..", he trailed off.

Gabe's eyes widened in surprise,
 "A band? Really? Wow", He mumbled a string of Spanish that William couldn't understand. "What's your band called?" He asked, curious.
 "The Academy Is..., I sing", William laughed. "I can play guitar too", he smiled. Music was his strong point. Gabe ruffled the boy's hair but William pulled away, he didn't know Gabe well enough for that. 
  "Sorry", Gabe laughed. "Would you believe me if I told you I was in a band too?" William raised an eyebrow,
   "What band?"

"Well, I used to be in a band called Midtown", Gabe paused and looked at William's face, taking in his gorgeous eyes and his perfect yet slightly feminine features. "Heard of us?" William nodded, a little disbelief displayed in his expression. He studied Gabe, 
  "I didn't know who the members were, I just heard their songs an odd time at friend's houses and things", He shrugged.
  "I'm telling the truth", Gabe assured him. William nodded slowly,
 "I believe you", he looked Gabe in the eye. Gabe's skin tingled when William said that, 

  "Thank you", he paused and took a moment before continuing, "Now I'm in a band called Cobra Starship", He bit his lip, "We're slow starting up but once more people get to know about us I reckon we'll take off".
 "I want to hear some of your songs", William's reply was soft and shy. Gabe smiled,
 "How about you come back  to mine. You can meet the other members", he suggested. William nodded in agreement. 
  "I'd like that"

Gabe fumbled around in his pockets looking for the key. 
  "Got it!" He laughed and opened the door. "You know, it's a pity I went to the arcade but I never ended up getting to play any games. I got too distracted by you", He shook his head at William. William looked down at his feet, wondering if he had done something wrong. 
  "I'm sorry", William mumbled. "If you want we could go to mine and play the Wii", he offered. 
    "What games do you have?" Gabe asked considering.
 "Just Dance and Cooking Mama", William blushed

 "I think I'll pass", Gabe laughed. "William you're so cute, has anyone ever told you that?" He asked. William shook his head and Gabe's jaw dropped down in surprise. "Guess I'm lucky then", Gabe smiled, eyes twinkling. 
 "Well I'm no gentlemen, I can be a prick..", William giggled. Gabe didn't get it and cocked his head. "It's just some lyrics from a song we have". 
  "Oh right,", Gabe smiled. "We have got a lot to learn about each other".

Ryland walked in, arm wrapped around Vicky, they were both totally wasted.
  "Hey Gabriel who's that chick?" Victoria asked. It was easy to see how she made the mistake. William had feminine features, long hair and he was side ways in her view. Oh don't forget she was also clouded by drink. William looked down to the ground.
  "Actually Victoria he's not a girl. Victoria, William. William, Victoria", he introduced.
  "Nice to m-meet you", William stuttered, nervous.

"I'm Ryland", Ryland nodded to William. "Hey, Ryland", William smiled. Gabe turned to Ryland,
  "Dude where's Nate and Alex?"
 "Not sure. Can't remember where we saw them last", Ryland shrugged, too intoxicated to care. "Um me and Vicky are going to go to bed". Gabe laughed and smirked mischievously, 

Sighing Gabe whispered to William, 
  "I don't know where Suarez or Novarro have got to but they have two beds in their room. I only have one so we can sleep in their room", He suggested. "They'll probably stay out all night but if they come home, they'll be too drunk to care where they sleep". 
  "O-okay. If you're sure they won't mind", William agreed. 
   "They won't", Gabe assured him. "They're nice guys, a little odd at first perhaps but you get used to them", he laughed. "Follow me".

"Here you can borrow Alex's pyjamas", Gabe tossed them over to William. "I would lend you mine but I'd say they'd be too big", Gabe surveyed William. He was tall but Gabe was taller. William had long, thin legs. Gabe was thin too but not as thin as William, he had more muscle too. "Kid do you ever eat?" He asked, only half joking. William nodded and went to get changed. He came back a few minutes later and nervously climbed into one of the beds.

Gabe giggled as William lay down,
 "Bilvy you remind me of an adorable little squirrel." William shot up in the bed shaking. 
  "Did you say squirrel, Gabe?" 
  "Yes, why?" Gabe asked amused. 
 "Squirrels are evil! They're the cause of all the problems in the world. They're going to cause the end of the world Gabey, I can feel it. Oh god they're horrible, they are so terrifying!" William gasped, trying to catch his breath, panicking. 
  "Bill they're just cute little creatures".
 "No Gabey, you don't understand", William whined, sounding like a child. Gabe stayed silent for a minute,
 "Okay Bill, squirrels are evil, there you happy?" 
 "Yes", William breathed and lay down again.

Gabe noticed the younger man was getting sleepy so he climbed into the other bed. They weren't too far apart from each other, just a small bedside locker space between them. Gabe put out his hand into the gap and William reached out and placed his palm onto Gabe's.
  "Gabey?" William muttered, half asleep. 
 "Yes querido?" Gabriel replied, noticing William's affection for the nickname Gabey. 
  "I love y-you", William closed his eyes happily. 
  "I love you too", Gabe looked over to William and realised hat the man had already fallen asleep. He sighed content. "Bilvy I can't wait to learn more about you", Gabe grinned to himself and soon he was falling, sinking, into a lovely dream about William Beckett.



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